Spy software download invisible keystroke recorder children and employee PC activity

Free Spy Software

Invisible Keylogger (spy software) lets you detect what is going on your PC in your absence. Password protected tool has the capability to send the log of all recorded keystroke activities including typed text, chat conversations, sent emails, passwords etc at specified mail id of PC owner secretly.

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Advance Keylogger

Hidden Utility records every system and internet activities performed on your PC including typed URLs, visited websites, sent mails, voice chat conversation etc with facility to capture Windows screenshots secretly. Software sends log of all recorded details to administrator via mail or through FTP settings.

Only USD $49


Mac Log Manager
MAC Log Manager

Mac Log Manager is perfectly used to record multiple Apple Mac OS system and internet activities in complete secure mode. Keylogger for MAC OS X records typed Keystroke details, Clipboard contents, and USB digital media connection and removal activities with option to capture screenshots at regular time intervals.

Only USD $45


Kids Monitoring

PC activity monitoring tool helps parents to detect their child’s online habit and internet usage. Software lets parents track what children are doing on PC in their absence. Parents can easily find out child’s web browsing activities, sent mails and voice chat conversation secretly. Free spy software monitors and records all activities (including keystrokes, screenshots, visited websites or typed URLs, system time settings etc) on your computer. With this key logger spy tool parents can easily know what their children have done on PC when they are supposed to do work or home assignment.

Spouse Monitoring

Keylogger software allows you to watch what your spouse is doing? With the help of key logger monitoring tool, you can easily detect activities of your spouse like how he/she use your PC while you are in the office. Application lets you detect and monitor your spouse activities regardless of where you are. Software helps you to solve all your queries about spouse if he/she is doing such activities, which are not supposed to do. Software captures windows screenshot of all PC activities including accessed websites, voice chat records, sent mails and photos, typed documents, application accessed, change in system or time settings etc secretly.

Employees Monitoring

Utility has been designed for invisible and undetectable monitoring of employees to check if they are wasting their time on non-official work or engaged in personal mails instead of doing job they are paid for. Software records and logs everything they do online/offline in absence of seniors. Activity control software monitors and maintains log of all keystrokes typed, application accessed with date and time, website usage, voice chat records, sent mails, system sound activities and even login passwords in stealth mode to detect if your employees are selling company secrets to your competitors.